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Soup & Salad

Soup of the Day      9
French Onion Soup      11
Caesar Salad      13

romaine, croutons, bacon bits, parmesan, caesar dressing.

Greek Salad      14

romaine, feta, red onion, tomato, cucumber, kalamata olives.

Spinach Salad      14

baby spinach, red onion, bacon, parmesan, herb vinaigrette, fruit, hardboiled egg, pumpkin seeds.

Pub Salad      14

mixed baby greens, feta, red onion, herb vinaigrette, apple, cranberries, pumpkin seeds.


House Made Burger      17

tomato, lettuce, onions, pickle, brioche bun.

Nest Burger      19

swiss, peameal, Kansas City BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickle, battered onion rings.

Portobella Mushroom Burger      17

marinated full mushroom cap, mozzarella, battered onion rings, lettuce, tomato, pesto mayo, brioche bun

Angus Beef Dip      18

caramelized onions, horseradish mayo, swiss, cheddar, french baguette, au jus.

Reuben Sandwich      19

corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss, grilled marble rye.

Pulled Pork Sandwich      17

BBQ pulled pork, creamy horseradish coleslaw, crispy onion ring, brioche bun.

Chicken Club Sandwich      18

chicken breast, bacon, swiss, tomato, lettuce, pesto mayo, toasted multigrain.

Fish Tacos      19

battered haddock, lettuce, tomato, creamy coleslaw, chipotle mayo, green onions.

all sandwiches served with:
a choice of soup, fries or garden salad.
substitute caesar, spinach, greek salad or sweet potato fries add 1.50 - substitute french onion soup add 2.50

all sandwiches can be made gluten free - substitute a gluten free bun - 2.50

Apps & Snacks

Garlic Bread with Cheese      10


Seasoned Battered Red Onions      11

battered, deep fried, ranch dip.

Potato Skins      14

three cheese blend, bacon, scallions, sour cream.

Deep Fried Pickles      11

large pickle wedges, ranch dip.

House Made Chili Supreme      14

three cheese blend, sour cream, fresh tomato, green onion.

Spinach & Bacon Dip      17

warm naan, tortilla chips.

Chicken Tenders      15

fries and plum sauce.

Chicken Quesadilla      16

peppers, onions, three cheese blend.

Veggie Quesadilla      14

peppers, onions, three cheese blend.

Coconut Shrimp      14

sweet chili dipping sauce.

Fried Calamari      14

dusted calamari, chipotle mayo dip.

Double Baked Nachos      18

chili, onions, peppers, jalapenos, three cheese blend, sour cream, salsa.

Crow’s Wings 1lb      17

dusted or naked. mild, medium, hot, suicide, thai sweet chilli, honey garlic, dry mango habanero, jerk BBQ, sesame hoisin or Crow’s own seasoning.

Wing Dinner      20

dusted or naked. fries, choice of garden or caesar salad.

Sweet Potato Fries      10

chipotle mayo dipping sauce.

Portobella Mushroom Flatbread      17

sautéed onion, asiago, balsamic, pesto mayo, naan.

Pub Grub & Specialties

Fish & Chips      Halibut 22 - Haddock 19

fries, coleslaw, tartare sauce.

Steak & Kidney Pub Pie      20

mash, peas, grilled tomato.

Pub Pie      20

please ask your server or see chalkboard for more details.

Cottage Pie      20

beef, mushroom, carrot, mash, peas, three cheese blend.

Bangers, Mash & Beans      17

gravy, sautéed onions.

Provimi Liver & Onions      18

sautéed onions, gravy, peas, grilled tomato, choice of potato.

Shanghai Stirfry      21

chicken breast, fresh vegetables, sesame ginger sauce, chow mein noodles, naan.

Butter Chicken      22

chicken, tomato, onion, cream, indian spices, fresh coriander, naan choice of basmati rice or fries.

Lamb Stew      23

made with irish ale, topped with mash and served with garlic toast.

Wiener Schnitzel      21

veal cutlet, braised red cabbage, homefries, sautéed onions.

Rosemary Chicken      23

cream, mushrooms, fresh rosemary, mash, fresh vegetables.

Grilled Salmon w/ Sesame Hoisin Glaze      25

atlantic salmon, fresh vegetables, basmati rice.

Daily Pasta

please ask your server or see chalkboard for more details.